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There is no proven or confirmed way to use basic search engine optimization techniques on Twitch, to generate an increase in search traffic to your Twitch account. (At the time of this story)

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been monitoring click-through traffic, external traffic sources, and how different mixes of keyword techniques and related SEO strategies may or may not improve traffic to my Twitch channel, or past broadcasts.

In this story, we’ll discuss:

  • Why we want search traffic?
  • Twitch Discoverability
  • Searchability on Twitch
  • On-page Optimization on Twitch
  • Off-page Optimization for Search
  • Final thoughts

Why Twitch streamers want Search Traffic?

Search traffic is what websites…

Do you remember the day websites started asking you for your Cookies? I don’t really, while I do remember a time before cookies, it seems like another life, something we had as kids. 🤔

Cookies are being phased out. More platforms are becoming focused on consent-first advertising tracking or privacy-first data use.

Platforms such as Google and Facebook have been pushed for more and more privacy over the past several years, and advertising placements on these platforms are following a similar beat, and it’s about time.

In a nutshell; technology like Unified ID 2.0 and others are what is called…


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VirtuaVerse Releases on Steam and GOG:

VirtuaVerse has been a long time coming!

Finnish indie game developer Theta Division Games, came onto the indie gaming scene early 2016, sneakily showing off the amazing pixel art of Valenburg of what would become: VirtuaVerse.

VirtuaVerse couldn’t have picked a better time to launch, what with triple-A Cyberpunk 2077 coming later in 2020 and the general gamer market being ripe for more cyberpunk universes to explore and engage in.

With VirtuaVerse’s unique take on the genre, stunning pixel art styled graphics and compelling meta-narrative, it’ll make for a great ride of mystery, intrigue and techno-dystopia,

Burj Khalifa, Brett Magill

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To answer the question of why I moved to Dubai, we’ve gotta go back a bit.

I had recently resigned from a toxic company, and I was looking for work. I made myself a coffee, sat down at my mother’s dining room table, and started writing about my career.

I wrote about what I was good at social media, where I wanted to go with that skill in a few years, and what I would do if I had to completely start over — a tattoo artist was first on the list.

Marketing Wasn’t Fun Anymore:

I decided that while…

Boet Fighter

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Boet Fighter, a retro arcade-style side-scrolling beat ’em-up game, developed and crafted by Cali4ways Games.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, fans and followers of the team and Boet Fighter game have always pointed to the homegrown passion put into the creation of Boet Fighter; resulting in a funny and to the point game, with a unique art-style that has become the notable trademark of Cali4ways Games. (Discussed with the creators in our world-first interview)

The game was first released on 08 October 2019, with positive to mixed reviews from both critiques and fans alike. Most early…

Katie Chase

I hated school.

I didn’t enjoy most things about it. It sucked for me for the most part. From being bored most of the time, to bullies, to teachers, to those silly yearly sports events.

In my final year of Primary School, I had a bit of a problem with a teacher.

I was physically petrified of her.

She would scare the hell out of me!

Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to do her work because I was too scared to get the work wrong and be screamed at. This kind of attitude and feeling was reflected in my grades.

Li Yang

When it comes to my business, I’ve got priorities, the first and foremost must always be: To survive.





I think a lot of the time when people start their own businesses or venture into something new, they think that the course is in a single direction, or, if they set out to do something, they’ll still be doing that thing by the time they get to the end. (If there is an end)

It doesn’t always (most of the time) work like that.

There will be times that you need to take work that wouldn’t be…

Christopher Burns

Hi there,

I’m going to tell you a brief story about my night.

It’s a Sunday, so that means I was prepping for the week. Doing the washing, some dishes, cleaning my bedroom, some time for personal grooming and reading over my to-do list.

I stood over my desk after folding my last pair of boxers and suddenly felt like I had just received a punch in the stomach.

I felt like crying.

I walked to my fridge and I had no idea why. Why did I feel like crying, and why I was going to the fridge to try…

Instagram: @Brett_Magill

My first day on the job, I had basically no idea what I was doing, I kinda knew who my boss was, I sorta knew my colleagues, and basically figured out the process of things on the first day. Though, the other guys had been working there for what seemed like a few years, other guys were there just for the holiday.

I’d never been a box packer before, but I knew that I would be the best in the department. …

I’ve not written for myself in a while, there a lot of reasons for that, non of them are excuses. I left a corporate career, went through a break-up, started a company, lost my childhood home, started a blog, became a freelancer, lost my adrenal glands too and gained all that weight that I lost over christmas, and now I’m starting another company.

I’ve been busy. Probably more busy than productive.

I got to a point where I sat in my car on the way back from the office, took a deep breath and asked a question that we’re taught…

Brett Magill

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